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Snow Plowing & Salting

O'Hara Construction provides snow removal services.
Snowplowing and salting 24/7. Residential work wanted-- plowing and salting in Westchester, Exton, Lionville area.

Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

We are currently under contract with the Daily Local News paper and the Journal Register in Lionville. We have provided many years of reliable service and have never missed a storm.

  • We plow parking lots and roadways.
  • We salt parkinglots and roadways.
  • We shovel and salt sidewalks.

West Chester snow plowing and salting

Call or email today to discuss clearing your roads or parking areas!

Snow plowing and salting services

Snow plowing and salting in Chester County

West Chester snow plowing and salting

Need a parking lot cleared?   No problem!

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